The three of us hit the road on 199 heading east into the mountains. Traffic was bad, but the scenery was fabulous. We crossed into Oregon just briefly and then parted ways with Tim who continued north while Imre and I headed southeast on the road to Happy Camp. The 2 lane road was winding and beautiful. I was struck by the dramatic change in both the landscape and the weather since leaving the coast. The cool, foggy lowlands had been replaced by clear skies and 85 degrees.

That afternoon we arrived at Motel 6 in Yreka. A cooling dip in the pool and a load of laundry was just what we needed after a hot day on the road.


The “Internet Café” in old downtown Yreka had only one computer and no internet connection. So much for our plans to check email. They did have the best coffee of the trip though.

Now comes the BIG scenery! Mt. Shasta was fabulous! The Everitt Memorial Parkway takes you as high as you can drive up and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

From there we headed south on 89 and through the Lassen Volcanic National Park. I’d never heard of it; just saw it on the map and decided to go. It’s fabulous and not overcrowded with people. Beautiful lakes, spouting sulphur, bubbling mud pits and more. This was definitely the most scenic day of the trip (see picture on first page). That night we stayed in Quincy, a fine little town with awesome scenery for miles around.

The picture at right is the top of Mt. Shasta.

The final day. Heading south through Downieville and to Grass Valley was big fun! This section of Highway 49 is motorcycle paradise. Long sweepers, hills, and smooth asphalt abound. As we neared home, we continued to avoid major highways whenever possible by taking Dog Bar Road, Salmon Falls Road and others.

Mission Accomplished
We made the entire journey without a single drop of rain! We spent only about 1 hour total on major freeways. The rest was winding 2 laners. Our total distance was about 1200 miles. By combining this trip with last year’s and some shorter ones the year before, I have now seen most of the major areas of California via two wheels. It’s truly an amazing place and no wonder that so many people want to live here. I’m glad I do.

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