Day 10
We left the hotel and moved to a KOA campground just south of Moab. This was pretty nice as campgrounds go.

We went to the Slickrock Trail today. It’s most famous for mountain bikes, but it was built by a motorcycle club and motorcycles are still allowed. So there… I rode this trail 10 years ago on a much smaller bike. I was a bit concerned about doing it on the big 640, but had no trouble and I really enjoyed it. The traction on this stuff is amazing! You can go up and down ridiculously steep hills, even at an angle, with no trouble. As usual, the pics make steep hills look flat. Strange but true. Here's Dale.

Highway 128 and the river as seen from the Slickrock trail.

That's me on the 640.

Later in the day Terry and Dale went to ride the Porcupine rim trail. I was pretty tired and decided to go back to the camp to do some needed maintenance. My rear tire was new in Sacramento and completely shot when we got to Moab, so I needed to mount the one I had Terry bring for me. I also noticed the sole was half way peeled off my boot, so I went to a hardware store and got some Shoe Goo to fix it.

Day 11
Last night I noticed a big bulge in the tread of one of the trailer tires… not good. They were pretty old and had been in the weather for years. We took the trailer to a tire shop in Moab and I spent some money. Problem solved.

The weather today was very windy and cold. Arches National Park is very close by and mostly paved, so we decided to be tourists and go up there in the truck. I was a bit annoyed that many of the arches require you to take a lengthy hike to get a look at them, so there are a couple I didn’t go to. This place is so well travelled that I'm not going to put in a ton of pics. You can find all you want if you search for the park online.

That's the three of us in the arch.

In the afternoon we rode up highway 128 to Castle Valley. We explored some random dirt roads and ended up making a loop back to Moab on Sand Flats road.

On the way back we stopped at Slickrock again. It was really nice with the low sun. Although we were sometimes blind while climbing hills into the sun.

OK now the big scenery really starts. Just wait 'til ya see the next page!

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