Day 6
Left Panguitch. We headed out highway 12 and then to a dirt road that was supposed to take us NE on a ridge top for 20 or 30 miles. But at about 9600 feet we started going through snow drifts.

This one derailed my chain. Pushed out and got it going again.

The road ahead was more of the same, so we turned back. We found dirt at a lower elevation that went east and took us to highway 12. This is where we had to hit some extended pavement for the first time since leaving CA. Highway 12 is really nice though. I’ve heard it called “best motorcycle road in the U.S.” I disagree, but it is nice. We met some other adventure riders at a gas station and traded notes with them. They were happy to hear about the snow, as they had been planning to go that way.

We continued up the highway towards Green River. In this part of UT it’s a bit tricky to go east or west off road because the rivers kind of split the state in half and you have to go a long way north or south to get to a bridge. We passed through Capitol Reef National Park. It’s quite nice. I spotted and ADVer at the visitor center and stopped to chat. His name’s Adam and he’s a friendly British chap who’s been riding his DR650 Suzuki all around the world for 4 yrs. No schedule, no destination, no deadlines. What a life.

We stayed in Hanksville at a private campground with grass! Luxury! I slept well. I liked the scenery around there. I’m sure there’s good riding nearby, but we felt like we needed to keep moving.

Day 7
Hanksville to Moab. This road was just out of Hanksville. Fast, swoopy, smooth, loamy and a bit soft, the kind of road dreams are made of. Big fun!

We took the highway to Green River and as soon as we crossed the river I turned off into the dirt. I started following single track, ATV trails, roads and eventually a power line. I was just making it up as I went. Ultimately this led to some difficult spots. Dale and I both got strong static shocks under these power lines. Weird! I never thought possible.

After a bit of wandering I got us on track again and we managed to go most of the way to Moab in the desert. It was hot and we were happy to hit the hotel and the pool! We made it! Sacramento to Moab! 1078 miles of mostly dirt! I’m pretty pleased with that. So endeth part one of the adventure.

Day 8: Intermission...
Rest. Eat. Change oil, clean filters, etc. Rest more. Eat more. Hang out in town and by the pool.

Day 9: Red Rock Fun!
Terry arrived around 2:00. He drove from San Fran with his truck, his Suzuki and my trailer. We did a short afternoon ride down Kane creek road to Chicken Corners and Lockhart Basin. It was nice to ride sans luggage!

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