The next gas stop was populated by a car full of drunken Indians (driver included). Rather than waiting around we continued on through the Hoopa Indian Reservation. Hwy 96 dropped us back on 299 and we continued west to Arcata. This was also mega-cold. I was so tired, cold, and spaced-out that I blew right past the hotel exit! I felt like I was going to be riding forever and slowly freezing to death. After turning around, Dale and Terry took turns leading us on a confusing loop worthy of a 3 stooges sketch until we finally spied some hotels. Days Inn had a hot tub and decent rates, so that was our pick. I crashed on the bed immediately and didn't even take off my helmet.

The following day Dale led us on a brief tour of Arcata, out to the ocean, and then South to Eureka. I was so bundled up with gear to stay warm that I felt like I could barely ride my bike.

As we headed inland on hwy 36, the weather warmed up, scenery improved and the road became pure magic. Back in motorcycle bliss! During the entire stretch of about 140 miles I think we only saw around 6 cars and maybe 20 motorcycles. Yes! More MCs than cars - the way the world should be. I don't seem to have any pics of hwy 36. We were having way too much fun to stop and shoot photos! The pashnit website has a great page about hwy 36. It's worth a look even if you just glance at the photos.

At the only gas stop we could find, we had a good lunch and met a guy who retired in Red Bluff just so he could ride 36. He rides it almost every day! We continued down the amazing road and took a detour on Platina rd. which was also nice, but a little bumpy at first. Here's the mighty SV1000. It may be loaded with luggage, but it's still crazy fast! I love it.

Terry on his Beemer

Dale on his Buell

Eventually we arrived back in Red Bluff. The ride was a bit shorter than I originally planned, but it worked out well and we all enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to my next trip to 36!

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