Day 4

Dale’s kickstand broke off this morning. It ripped a big hole in the frame where the bracket used to be. This left him looking for things to lean on for the rest of the trip. Bummer. We continued on the Applegate/Lassen trail.

Eventually this led to a complex mess of dirt roads and a bit more navigation issues, but we figured it out. We kept looking for High Rock lake which just wasn’t there…. Oh it’s dry this time of year, no wonder!

Then we rode through High Rock Canyon which is a very scenic 4x4 route wandering through big rock walls and flowering valleys. A stream runs through the middle. Here's a bunch of pics from the canyon.

Can you see me down there?

After the canyon we hit a few fast dirt roads and ended up in Cedarville. That's my dust in the distance. Dale was a trooper and ate a lot of dust for 6 days. There are advantages to being the navigator!

Cedarville is a really nice little town in Surprise Valley, CA. It’s got desert on one side and mountains on the other. Maybe this is the ultimate place for a motorcyclist to live? For us the big attraction was a gas station! The 2 hotels were full, but a nice manager let us camp on the lawn and use the shower.

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